Donald Trump's racism toward Latinos and harsh immigration policies have been as big a part of his campaign as his hat and hair. With his anti-Latino views so strong and well-known, it is wild to see him bring a woman from Colombia onstage literally jumping and screaming for joy. After escorting her onto the stage, Trump makes sure to turn directly towards the microphone and say, "And is this a setup? Did I ever meet you before?" Her answer to the question? ""I'm Hispanic and I'm voting for Mr. Trump! We vote for Mr. Trump! We love you all the way to the White House!"

Still on-brand with same casual misogyny, Trump says "I think she's totally beautiful and great, I never met her before I swear," and after she leaves the stage with an autographed copy of People, he adds, "That's my relationship with Hispanics."

This seems like a pre-written Taran Killam-Cecily Strong sketch. The SNL writers continue to be indebted to you, Mr. Trump.

Sources: h/t New York Magazine