What we colloquially refer to as "aging" is a process by which human bodies gradually degrade over time, with physical manifestations including a greying of the hair and a loss of elasticity in the skin. Some people believe that it is caused by free radicals breaking down body cells. Others believe that the aging is a function of the body which was selected for via natural selection. Still others believe that it is the natural result of being a lying Muslim atheist communist fascist who is secretly the gay Antichrist.

This video—in which filmmaker Diran Lyons stitched together images of President Barack Obama from when he assumed the presidency up until now—doesn't really answer which of those three theories is correct. But it does look really neat:

As cool as this is, I think an unnecessary amount of work went into its creation. If Lyons wanted to show Obama aging a half-decade in a few seconds, why didn't he just dig up footage of him fielding his first question from a Fox News correspondent?

(by Dennis DiClaudio)


Sources: Diran Lyons | h/t BuzzFeed