This is the face of evil, my friends. The smiling, genial face of evil.

Will Ferrell posted this photo to Facebook last night, urging the uninsured to go online and find health insurance. As of press time, 4,656 almost entirely angry conservative comments have flooded his page as a result. Now, some liberal know-it-alls might point out that no matter what you think about Obamacare as a whole, every time an uninsured person gets coverage, society no longer has to pay their ER bills (which are huge). And sure, it looks innocent enough:



This innocent-looking smokescreen didn't fool Facebook's patriot brigades, however, and they responded in a way that might be kindly described as severe:

But what if he threatened to shoot anyone who didn't sign up? Would that fly?

Will Ferrell already irked CNBC and Fox Business News by voicing the evil Lord Business in the The Lego Movie (because a movie built entirely on licensing still somehow manages to seem too radical), but that film and Anchorman 2 were still huge successes this year, reinforcing Ferrell's status as a box office heavyweight. According to the comments on his Facebook page, however, that's all about to end. 

Brandeis, you're not going to have a fun time in this thread.

We don't need your liberal punctuation guides.

Somehow, the ones who think he's joking are the most disturbing.

A lot of people think there's good money in doing PSAs for the government.

I'm glad you got a chance to edit your message and get it exactly right, Thomas.

I'm pretty sure someone in this thread killed a guy.

Let me just say that these were not hard to find. There are a lot more positive comments on the page now, because this story has spread, but if you go back through them, it's just thousands and thousands of spurts of bile. I highly recommend checking it out, if you like making yourself angry.

(by Johnny McNulty)

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