On Sunday morning across the street from Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena, 100 women posed nude to protest the Republican National Convention. They were photographed by New York-based artist Spencer Tunick, who organized the project, called "Everything She Says Means Everything."

THEY DID IT! PLEASE SHARE! http://spencertunickcleveland.com #EverythingSheSaysMeansEverything📷: @lindseybyrnes

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Stripping naked in public, while holding a large circular mirror above your head, might not be your ideal way to wake up. But apparently the artist had no trouble finding participants. The 100 women were selected out of more than 1,700 who volunteered.

Tunick has shared some of the reasons the women provided when they signed up for his project, with their names removed. Their explanations are pretty powerful. Here's one:

As a woman, I want to stand up for my reproductive rights. As a Hispanic, I want to be seen as a member of this community. As a first-generation American, I want to show that anyone deserves the opportunity to come here. As a young woman, I want to embrace my body and everyone else’s size and shape. As a human being, I want to stand up against Trump and other Republicans whose hateful speech towards women, immigrants, lgbt people, and all “others” is poisoning this nation.