They call her "Harmonica Lungs."

This woman has a pleasing Continental appearance, a subtle German accent, and she sounds like a cartoon UFO lifting off into space.

Anna-Maria Hefele is a master at polyphonic overtone singing, the bizarre and rare ability for one person to sing two notes at the same time. One note she sings is the deeper, rich, "fundamental" note, and the higher, more mechanical sounding one (sometimes) is the "overtone." 

How does she do it? She explains what is happening, kind of, but this is definitely not a how-to. By the look of her when she is doing this, she appears to be possessed or other-worldly. Are Germans aliens? What else don't we know?

The whole thing cranks up another notch when she puts her dual voices into action in her "polyphonic solo voice" at 4:10. 

This woman needs no other people to harmonize with her. That's just so German.

(by Myka Fox)