One small step for man, one huge leap into a pile of crap.

Sorry, little boy. You learned a harsh lesson today. Sometimes you think you're safe to run gleefully barefoot around your own yard, but actually there's snakes in the grass. Snakes=dog sh*t.

Of course, the true sign of maturity is how we react to unexpectedly stepping in feces. Since Nash here is only a wee lad, his reaction is perfectly acceptable. It's how we all want to act when we step in shit, literally or metaphorically! We might be stoic, we might laugh it off, we might sigh, then deal with it as efficiently as possible. But on the inside, we're screaming, "I NEED PAPER TOWELS!" and "I'M NOT SO EXCITED."


One day, Nash will also have to restrain himself, but for now let's just allow him to give free rein to his feelings. He's not the winner in this situation and he isn't yet ready to deal with what defeat feels like. As the poster of this video labels it, "Dogs: 1 Nash: 0."

Sources: Mikkirenia | h/t Bro Bible