You got this, girl! Destroy that lower back! Rip apart those knees!

This footage, initially posted to Youtube in 2011, popped up again on Reddit recently, and if you want to see people injuring themselves by lifting weights incorrectly, you should watch a different video. Because somehow, despite contorting their bodies into postures that even a novice could tell you are obviously incorrect, despite wrenching their backs forward and using their stomachs to hold up the weights, despite the misguided cheering of the deranged and possibly brainwashed onlookers, no one gets hurt in this video from an Albany Crossfit. Thus, we can deduce that none of these people learned their lesson, and that somewhere out there they're still jerkily rolling their hips around. Meanwhile, if you so much as get near a free weight, your back goes out of alignment. The gym sucks.

(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: Youtube capdistrict411 | Reddit