He's making potato salad. 

Amateur potato salad maker Zack Danger Brown started up a Kickstarter campaign to make his first ever batch of potato salad. You know Kickstarter, the fund-raising website that allows you, the average citizen, to fund your friend's business or artistic endeavors without having to look them in the eyes. Even famous people have been known to use the site to beg for money so they don't have to compromise their artistic integrity (or whatever). Donating in this way can be a worthwhile thing to do because, as the financial backer, you get to be involved in something bigger than yourself, and maybe even receive a hat as a reward!

Brown, who is from Columbus, Ohio was generous enough to share his dream with the Internet, too. For a minimum donation of $1, he promised to boil some potatoes, maybe look up a potato salad recipe, and post a personal "thank you" on his website. The Internet understood the importance of this project, and within days, blew out the original goal of $10 to pledge over 800 times that much. Now the stakes are much bigger. 

For a pledge of $3, donors will receive a bite of the potato salad. He is "looking into" how he is going to ship these bites. I imagine a shipping fee would be attached, and personally, I recommend choosing a variety that does not include mayo. 

For a $5 pledge, you get to pick an ingredient to add to the salad. (Potato-salad-appropriate ingredients only.)

At the "Platinum Level," a pledge of $10 or more, donors get to be in the room while he makes the salad. What a deal! If you wanted to get on set for Zack Braff's Kickstarter-Funded Movie, donors had to pledge $1500 or more. 

Of course, with any financial investment, there are some risks. According to the site, they could be as steep as "It might not be that good. It's my first potato salad."

Very risky, but I think he's up for it. After all, Danger is his middle name. 

(by Myka Fox)

Sources: h/t Death and Taxes