Make it to around 51 seconds in.
(WARNING: Remainder of video includes graphic footage of hurt rodeo animals.)

Forget about teenage girls sending topless selfies. The police are the ones who need to swtich to Snapchat.

Some quick backstory: Steve Hindi is the president of an animal rights group called Showing Animals Respect & Kindness (SHARK). He was in Oregon visiting a rodeo to record evidence of animal abuse. The rodeo asked him to leave, and two county Sheriff's deputies followed him for about ten miles before pulling him over with no cause. They then returned to their car and openly talked about being sued for what they'd just done, until they discovered they had just provided all the evidence necessary to make said lawsuit wildly successful.

Hindi had already made his own tape of the entire stop (see below), with the intent of posting it online. But he decided to file of Freedom Of Information Act request for the dash-cam footage, just to see if he might get lucky. Man, did he get lucky.

Here's Hindi's footage, which unfortunately doesn't include the exclamation of a police officer who sounds like he just sat on his own scrotum.

Here's hoping "Dammit I Was Still Recording!" tee shirts are currently being mass-printed by CafePress. I want one.


(by Bob Powers)

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