Ironically, I'm pretty sure the problem here is Chinese people. Hear me out.

This bag, which was unearthed on reddit today, is from the Chinese leather garment manufacturer Aoyuete, located in Zengzhou, China. They are not so good with "the language." When you look for their products on Google, you find a lot of reviews that you quickly realize they wrote themselves. For example, I doubt that this review on the insanely popular blog "" was really penned by "John Richardson:"


Dependable Handbag product is so hard to come by on the net these days.

Maybe it was just a translation problem. Maybe it was flat-out racism. It's probably both; I don't think I'm breaking any new ground here by suggesting that people in China are not the least racist folks on Earth, and combine that with poor English skills and you have a recipe for horrible offensiveness. Maybe it's one of those things where someone will try (and fail) to say that talking like that isn't racist in that country, and that they think that's a nice color. I don't know. They went with "Rice" for the white color. I couldn't really care less why "popular Aoyete, a famous brand in this industry" did it - I want to know how the eff missed it.

I mean, just...god dammit, Amazon. You have a technology infrastructure more complex than most nations, with some of the best algorithms mankind has ever divised, and you don't have an alert set up for when the n-word appears in a product description? I know that you're a horrible employer to your warehouse staff (even Wal-Mart employees have the advantage of being visible to the public), but seriously, don't you hire smart people for the computer side of the business? People who are smart enough to say "hey, maybe we should make sure people don't put the n-word in product descriptions"? If you don't have those people, I know a few million unemployed folks who have that kind of fierce common sense.

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