Nothing more romantic than bringing your girlfriend's worst fears to life.

It seems like every proposal destined for Internet fame is more elaborate than the last, but this one takes the cake in terms of proposals we would have turned down because they would have pissed us off.

Matt Van Vliet and his girlfriend Samantha Labo started dating their freshman year of college after meeting at a party. The party was busted by the cops, and Van Vliet and Labo were briefly held in custody until a breathalyzer test revealed they hadn't been drinking. The two hit it off, and they ended up dating for the next four years.

That's why, when Matt decided to propose, he wanted to remind Sam of the way they met. He reached out to the arresting officer, New London police chief Edward Andersen. "At first I was going to say no, because it's not something you would typically do or get involved in, but because of the involvement of how they met I felt compelled," the police chief told CNN.

With Andersen on board, Matt's plan quickly fell into place. On the way to a celebratory goodbye dinner with college friends this September, Matt got pulled over. The officer asked him to step out of the car and handcuffed him. Sam started crying—both out of confusion and because the other officer went a little overboard with his bad cop routine—and that's when Andersen revealed he'd found something in Matt's pocket: an engagement ring.

Sources: YouTube Samantha Labo | h/t Daily Dot