Made you look.

Pyotr Pavlensky thinks people are too apathetic about Russia's continual decline into a police state. Pyotr Pavlensky cares, though, as he viscerally demonstrated this weekend by stripping naked in Russia's historic Red Square (the site of many bloodier, though perhaps not as squeamish, protests) sitting down, and driving a nail through his scrotum into the cracks between those revolutionary bricks. I, for one, and willing to admit that this makes me feel pretty apathetic in comparison. I would not like to nail my balls to the floor any time soon, for any cause that I can think of.


There he remained in protest, and also because his nuts were nailed to the floor, until authorities removed him (hopefully with a very gentle application of a claw hammer) and took him to a hospital. He was treated for minor wounds (the Russians are masters of understatement), but didn't want to be admitted. Probably a smart move given he's protesting the government's random locking up of people.

Pavlensky is known for such acts, having previously sewn his lips together to protest the imprisonment of Pussy Riot, and having stood outside the Russian government building wrapped in barbed wire to represent the existence of an individual in a repressive police state. 

Excuse me sir, do you have a permit to do roadwork in the middle of traffic?

Batshit crazy or no, Pyotr Pavlensky is not an apathetic man. I say he's raised the bar. You want to claim that health insurance mandates are an Orwellian power grab? You want to claim that the Koch brothers are fundraising from inside the House, put your money, your hammer, and your nail where your balls are.

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