He's having a turbulent career (excuse the pun).

While most puns are just simply terrible, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo managed to land (excuse the pun) on the worst possible one.

Cuomo was interviewing Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) from the crash site of Malasia Airlines flight 17 when he asked whether Rogers could "shoot down" the theory that Ukraine used missiles to take down the plane. 

Click the upper left to un-mute this bad boy and watch Cuomo's phrasing blow up in his face (excuse the pun).

You can actually see the regret in Cuomo's face as he realizes his career is about to fall to pieces (excuse the pun). His choice of phrasing crashed and burned (excuse the pun) and, obviously, distasteful puns like that just aren't going to fly (excuse the pun). 


(by Myka Fox)

Sources: h/t BuzzFeed