Facebook is way more evil than you ever imagined. Forget sharing your data with advertisers, that’s kid stuff. Facebook is now using clicks and shares to conduct experiments on you.


To see how people respond to negative posts versus positive posts, Facebook chose 700,000 users and manipulated their feeds so that some saw posts that only featured positive, happy, yay! content, and others saw posts that only featured sad, depressing, FML content. The experiment concluded that people who saw depressing shit got depressed and shared equally depressing shit. And people who saw nothing but happy sunshine kitten kisses got happy and shared kitten kisses of their own. Eureka.

Obviously, the targeted users didn’t know their brains were being digitally prodded by nerds in Palo Alto. We all might be being messed with right goddamn now. It’s all an effort for Facebook to further control our synapses until they can predict our online clicks and shares with Pavlovian accuracy.


All you have to do is post stuff that will make your user data statistically indecipherable. You need to become a walking, talking, clicking and sharing statistical anomaly. Here’s how.