What you crackin 'bout, Willis Tower?

If you stand at the base of Chicago's Willis Tower—which, until recently, was the tallest building in the United States at 1,451 feet—and look almost all the way up, almost at the very tip top, you'll see a tiny little transparent box. That's a skydeck. All day long, tourists wait in line to climb to the 103rd floor and have a chance to stand inside that little box. 


Let me tell you something: When you're standing at the edge of it, and it's time to place your foot onto its see-through glass floor, every fiber of your being recoils. Despite the fact that you know it's structurally sound, every instinct tells you to back away. And when you finally do step inside, and you look down and see yourself floating 1,350 above the sidewalk below, it's exhilaratingly terrifying. It's really the freakiest feeling.

So, I cannot even imagine what it feels like to be standing inside it, and suddenly hear the glass start to crack beneath your feet. These guys, however, know exactly what it feels like:

A family of tourists, moments before they came to understand pure terror.

Apparently, the three half-inch-thick glass of skydeck was never actually in danger of breaking. It was just the protective coating that cracked, according to a Willis Tower spokesperson. Of course, that's exactly what you'd expect a Willis Tower spokesperson to say.

Regardless, I'm utterly terrified now, and I'm not even going to stand near the Willis Tower anymore. Living in a city full of Cubs fans is difficult enough without having a bunch of screaming tourists falling on your head.

Sources: Chicago Tribune | redditor kpeterson2011