If anyone needs a job, Jamie is so hiring.

The worst thing about quitting is having everything just chug along smoothly without you. To prevent that from happening, why not convince all of your coworkers to quit with you, all of you signing your resignation letter together like it's some kind of Declaration of Independence From A Shitty Mall Job.

We feel bad for the kids who are going to have to go elsewhere for their back-to-school Sperry Top-Siders, but Jamie needed to be taught a lesson. Unless the "Cancer is not an excuse" thing came up while discussing Breaking Bad. In which case, for Christ's sake Jamie, he just wanted to take care of his family (and his empire, and his out-of-control ego, and his eight chemical barrels full of money...).

As many of the commenters on Reddit pointed out, since the store is in a mall, it is subject to being fined by the mall's management (possibly as much as $500) every day they don't open on time. Jamie is probably going to be way more lenient the next time someone calls in sick with the old "I have cancer" excuse.

UPDATE: Someone has gone on the record with a rebuttal in defense of Jamie.

(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Redditor websvein