The most generic-looking frat kid of all time laments that all Asians look alike.


Samuel Hendrickson, a college student in Indiana, is undoubtedly feeling like a moron today after a totally racist video he posted to Facebook with the title "Why I'd Hate To Be Asian (Totally Not Racist)" got uploaded to YouTube, where it will now have the power to infuriate millions. Oddly enough, some of Hendrickson's exceptionally well-reasoned arguments actually make being an Asian dude sound pretty sweet: they're good at math, they're surrounded by sushi at all times (yum!), and Asian ladies want to get with them. Amazingly, two years ago to the day of the release of this video, student Alexandra Wallace uploaded her well-ridiculed "Asians in the Library" video. Oh man, this is totally not racist, but we'd hate to be a racist white kid. They're all the same.

Sources: TheBsnyde2424 on YouTube