Actually, the name of the restaurant is Troy, but whatever. 

Did you ever wonder what your ancestors from the early ages or medieval era ate for lunch? Me neither! But "possibly the finest theme restaurant" (can there be such a thing) in Staten Island (nope) has answered that question for you anyway. That is, if your ancestors were from Europe it seems. But whose weren't, am I right? I'm not. 

Were they trying to be funny on purpose?

Gawker called the restaurant to find out and were told, "Troy is completely my idea as a restaurant and the commercial alone. My script my directing and actors casting... I deliberately took an actor with an accent and it made the audience interested in a restaurant."


"No gimmicks, no kidding. Just the best of the past."

Well, maybe just the fire-breathing wooden dragon. But other than that, NO GIMMICKS.

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