Artist's rendering of the Times author.

There are two possibilties: either the New York Times has reached a level of snobbery usually not seen outside of castles, or they're in on the joke and are just busting our collective balls at this point. Because the article released today in the real estate section about one NYU student's struggle to find an apartment is beyond parody.


It seems Vanessa Csordis-Jenkins, an NYU student who had requested a single room, was unhappy when she was forced to share a living space with several other roommates. Nothing unusual about that. Let's face it, roommates are a pain in the ass. 

But the article quickly hops a train to Crazy Town as the author attempts to weave a sob story about a girl with seemingly unlimited means on a quest for a cute, quiet place for herself in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world. And when that girl turns down a $1,795 a month place due to lack of sunlight, even the most sympathetic reader may start looking around for a pitchfork.

According to the article, she did find a nice place on 25th street, but the distance posed a problem no college student should have to deal with:

“It seemed like the potential for a really stressful situation for me if I woke up late and had to wait for the train,” she said. She also wanted to avoid the sirens that came with proximity to the hospitals along First Avenue.

Sources: The New York Times