The Situation, indicating how much trouble he's in. (via Getty Images)

The Situation is not good. That's because Mike Sorrentino has been charged with filing false tax returns on nearly 8.9 million dollars of income. Investigators may have realized something was wrong when they noticed that the Situation has made nearly 9 million dollars. Because, c'mon, that's not right. But it's not illegal, unless you spend that money on cars, booze, and body spray, then write it all off as a business expense.


The IRS probably figured that a guy who calls himself "The Situation," and is famous for getting wasted and acting like an idiot might not be the brightest bulb when it came to handling his finances. I know that's technically not how it went down, I'm just saying this couldn't have been the toughest nut to crack.

An attorney for Mike's brother Marc, who was also indicted, says "The charges are fiction," and that "the government is relying on the word of a disgraced accountant who is a proven liar." Mike hasn't made a statement yet, but I hope his legal strategy will be based on something stronger than this quote he posted to Instagram yesterday:

With his track record, he must regret screwing a lot of people over the years. But even a "young and dumb" 32-year-old should know better than to screw with the IRS. This is either the stupidest stunt he's ever pulled in his storied career filled with stupid stunts, or the smartest. Because a reality show/legal/prison drama sounds like the closest thing he's had to a sure-fire hit since he was getting punched in the face by Ronnie in Italy.

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