Nice. Really nice. (Via Daily Camera)

What started as an accident has now become law for Longmont, Colorado 12-year-old Joe Archibold. In second grade he wore his favorite shirt, a "really nice" blue and grey striped hand-me-down from a cousin, in his year yearbook photo. The next year, he accidentally did it again.


He told the Daily Camera that when he realized what he did, he thought, "Hmmm, I guess I'll keep wearing it. Then again and again and again." 

He was able to keep the trend going up to seventh grade because his cousins happened to hand down that same shirt in both the small and medium sizes. 

Now that that wrath of aging has taken its toll, Joe has outgrown even the medium size and realized his yearbook photo mayhem might be coming to an end. Unless, of course, he was able to find the shirt in a larger size. The only problem was the shirt, while still looking really nice, was also really old. It had been handed down a while ago, he didn't know where it had been bought, and it probably wasn't even made anymore.

The tragedy of it all!!

Enter: the Internet. Joe made a desperate plea on Facebook for help finding the shirt in a larger size so that he might continue his tradition without wearing a tight shirt and ripping through it Hulk-style when the photographer asks him to tilt his head a little up and to the left.

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