You'd be smiling too if you were Bill Murray. (via Getty)

Whether he's playing golf, hanging in a bar or just walking down the street, you never know quite what Bill Murray might do from moment to moment. He also doesn't give many interviews, which is why it was so pleasantly surprising that he showed up on reddit today and told redditors to "ask him anything."


I left in reddit users' minor spelling and grammar errors to give readers a sense of how lazy I am.

On rumors about himself.

Notarealpirate - What is your favourite rumour you've heard about yourself?

_BillMurray - Rumor? Oh wow! I don't really remember them. I don't hold onto rumors much. Golly, I don't know.

On his favorite fan experience.

RedditRalf - Hi Bill, what is one of your best memories of meeting a fan?

_BillMurray - The best experience with a fan? It happens sometimes where someone will say "I was going through a really hard time. I was going through a really hard time, and I was just morose or depressed."

And I met one person who said I couldn't find anything to cheer me up and I was so sad. And I Just watched Caddyshack, and I watched it for about a week and it was the only thing that cheered me up. And it was the only thing that cheered me up and made me laugh and made me think that my life wasn't hopeless. That I had a way to see what was best about life, that there was a whole lot of life that was wonderful. And I happen to know (from her own spirit) that that person has really triumphed as an artist and as a human being, and if it's just a moment when you can reverse a movement, an emotion, a downward spiral, when you can quiet something or still something and just allow it to change and allow the real spirit rise up in someone, that feels great.

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