One of the Guys has a real short fuse. (via Consumerist)

Earlier this week, Consumerist got hold of an email that was accidentally sent to a Five Guys customer. The customer reported he and his coworkers would regularly order lunch online with Five Guys, then pick up the food at the local restaurant. On one recent occasion, they were charged for fries they didn't receive. A complaint was placed online, to which Five Guys responded promptly with an offer of a refund and a gift card toward a future purchase. No big deal so far. All five guys seemed to be toeing the line.

Unfortunately, the gift card was only usable in person, which didn't really help the customer with his online ordering routine. When the customer wrote back to Five Guys to ask if there was an alternative, well, one of the guys must have lost it a little.

The above email was apparently forwarded within the Five Guys offices, and the sender must not have realized that the customer was still CC'd.

"This guy is a perfect example of why this world is fucked," the email read. "What a complete asshole. I'm speechless over this douche."

But seriously, how are they supposed to keep track of who's in the CC field at that place? There's just so many guys!

Consumerist reports that Five Guys has already contacted the customer with their apologies and some proposals to make it up to him and his coworkers, proposals that presumably go beyond free peanuts. The customer has said he isn't ruling out giving Five Guys his business in the future.

This is a lesson to other fast food establishments. Make a good enough burger, you can call your customers whatever the hell you want.

(by Bob Powers)

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