We'll wait until he's available on the Kindle.

No, Amazon has not decided to take over the human trafficking industry the way it has bookstores. This is an excerpt from the resume of Philippe Dubost, a web product manager who made his online resume look like an Amazon page so employers will get that same thrill hiring him that they get when they buy a no-brand HDMI cable for $1.68.  


He even includes his dimensions and "reviews" of his work for former employers. This is probably going to start a trend of people making their resumes resemble everyone's favorite websites, which means HR departments can expect to start sifting through a whole lot of resumes that look like the front page of YouPorn. We'd hire Philippe ourselves if we didn't always have to ask our neighbor to sign for our Amazon packages for us. Take a look at the rest of the resume and start feeling depressed about how boring your resume is.

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