Aged like a fine batch of meth. (via KFSN)

64-year-old Robert Short was busted for making and selling meth in a retirement village this weekend and, before you get out your script-writing software, this guy doesn't have cancer. He's just your average elderly meth chef. 

According to the report on KFSN, the Fresno man has been busted for meth sales before and was out on supervised release when cops stopped him for a normal traffic violation. They searched his car and found about four ounces of the stuff, almost enough to get some AZ teens high for a week. When they searched his apartment they found more meth, heroin, and meth-lab supplies. There goes the neighborhood. 

Officer Lt. Joe Gomez admitted to the ingeniousness of Short's scam, "... a perfect place to do it, right? Retirement village, who would suspect it going on there?"

I dunno, maybe Short's parole officer or any of the old people who lived in his village and saw this meth-y sign on his door. 

And stay off my lawn! (via KFSN)

Maybe 64 is a little long in the tooth for being a drug dealer but, considering he deals in meth, I say congrats for having any teeth at all. 


(by Myka Fox)

Sources: KFSN | h/t Gawker