Ford tough. Pole tougher.

There are no real winners in this fantastic road rage video, just one clear loser. That's the truck driver who was in such a hurry to pass the woman in front of him that he reportedly rode on her ass for several minutes, yet still found the time for a 10-second bird show when he was finally able to pass.

On one hand, it's easy to see how the guy driving the truck could get angry -- Miss Manners ahead of him is such a stickler for safety that she won't speed up or let him pass, but is willing to risk life and limb pulling double duty as a driver/documentary filmmaker.

The woman defended herself when she posted to Youtube, saying she couldn't let the guy pass because trucks were taking up the right lane and she was turning left up ahead. She also couldn't drive any faster because it had been raining and the roads were slick, a fact that is made crystal clear by the spinning jackass at 1:26 of the video.

Also, before you shed any tears for the truck driver, the driver claims he fled the scene and was caught and charged because of the video evidence. The only way the ending could've been better is if she also got ticketed for using her using her cell phone while driving.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Digg