When it all plays out, the most disturbing thing of all is his decision to wear shorts.

Forgive the Upworthy title. I just don't want to spoil anything.

Everything about this video looks like someone's going to die. It's bikers chasing down of a car, which rarely ends well. It's Russian, for God's sake, so the best-case scenario is the fight gets broken up when one of the motorcycles gets run over by a tank being driven by a bear. Then there's the scary metal pumping over the whole thing, which is annoying, and more likely, a harbinger of bloodshed to come.

Then the girl gets out.

Oh shit.

Is she about to get assaulted? Is she a secret Kung Fu master who's about to save her boyfriend's butt? The reddit share of this video says it has an "unexpected ending." Is she going to fall for one of the bikers and drive off? Or is that bear-driven tank really about to enter the frame?

Watch to 1:45 and find out.


Seriously though. Shorts? Maybe he didn't want to tip his hand, but every time she tells this story she has to remember those pale calves again. This is Russia, not Margaritaville. When you get down on bended knee, cover that knee in some slacks.


(by Bob Powers)