Try and stay focused, lady.

I've never read comic books, so I have no idea if there's a Canadian superhero, but if not, one may have just made his debut, and his name is Shirtless Jogger.

Mild mannered school teacher Joe Killoran was out for a jog when he happened upon a Canada Day parade where Rob Ford was making an appearance as a float called Mayor of Toronto. Killoran believes the mayor's refusal to take questions from reporters is an affront to all Canadians, and when Killoran sees injustice, he leaps into action as Shirtless Jogger.

"You're a corrupt, lying, racist, homophobe," Shirtless Jogger screamed at Ford, who was surrounded by several shirted people, "Answer the people's questions!"

Someone in Ford's camp tried to quiet Killoran down by running interference and handing him business cards, but Shirtless Jogger was having none of it. "I don't want his card, nobody wants his card, give it to somebody who cares." 

Killoran has clearly had enough of Rob Ford, and took full advantage of his opportunity to vent. When someone who works with Rob Ford suggests you should seek help for anger management, it's safe to say you've worked up a head of steam. As Shirtless Jogger put it, "I'm not violent, I'm not slurring people, I'm expressing my democratic opinion."

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