Rolling a fatty. (via WFTV)

A florida man was... wait for it.... arrested (knew it) for drug possession. Christopher Mitchell AKA "Fat Boy" AKA "Biggie" was arrested Friday for riding around with weed stuffed between rolls of his stomach fat.

According to WFTV, Mitchell was riding with driver Keithian Roberts when deputies pulled them over because Mitchell was not wearing a seatbelt. Mitchell told the deputy he was too fat to wear one. 

The deputy said he noticed Mitchell and Roberts were "acting nervous" but, suspicions of racism aside, the two guys were in fact up to illegal activity.

Drug sniffing dogs were brought in, and the jig was up. They found 23 grams of weed as well as some cocaine in Fat Boy's fat rolls. For reference, 23 grams is a little under an ounce of weed. Here's a reasonable visual approximation of what was hiding between the folds (found via Google image search for "Ounce Of Weed"):

New meaning to "sticky-icky."

The deputies also found a handgun in the console and more than $7,000 stuffed into a tube sock. 

Both men are being charged with possession, while Mitchell is also being charged with one count of not wearing a seatbelt.


(by Myka Fox)

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