Presumably horse eggs are how you get duck-sized horses.
How horse-sized ducks hatch, I don't know.
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Redditor dozer92 is in college, and like most collegians, he has a roommate. Like all good roomies, they split the utilities bill, with dozer92 submitting the payments to the utility company and his roommate writing him a check for his share. Writing "utilities" on every check, though, just seems a little...utilitarian. So instead, he decided to write checks "for" things that would be much more fun to purchase or services that would be much more fun to render. You can check them out by clicking through the album below.

In case you're wondering why dozer92 still has these checks and didn't take them to the bank, congratulations! You're old. The kids just take pictures of checks now, and the Internet does the rest. Or, probably everyone does it and I'm just really incompetent at being modern. Either way.

"Burnt Hair" is in here twice...because burnt hair always lingers.
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(by Johnny McNulty)

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