All's well that ends with someone getting their deposit back

Chances are, you've either had a roommate at some point in your life, or you're looking behind you to make sure that lazy slob isn't reading this over your shoulder right now. You had good times and bad, and you probably would have been much better friends with the person if you didn't have to live with them. It's not that you think they're really bad people, but they did teach you that, yes, you are capable of feeling the urge to murder. On the other hand, you've probably never felt as cool as the first time you opened the door to your first adult apartment with that friend you would one day never want to see again.


Alexander Engel's short film This Is It has been burning up the Interwebs this week for one very good reason: in a rapid-fire series of scenes consisting almost entirely of the semi-rhetorical questions like "did you drink my milk" with which roommates communicate, Engel and his co-star David Gelles let you safely relive those messy years of friendship, hope, romantic triangles, and ultimate dissolution.

In a way, this is the film of our times. The 21st Century has been notable for a lot of things like iPhones and unmanned kill-bots swarming our skies, but one major trend has been the rise of roommates. In 2000, 25.4% of all American households were adult roommate households. By 2012, that number had risen to 32% (which translates to 5.4 million households that could have been created, but weren't). Since rent has increased faster than income, this is actually a huge drag on the economy. Not to mention a lot of competition for Marla.

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