Katya's car after getting cold-cocked. (via Facebook)

Russian humorists will probably think twice before writing any more jokes about Vladimir Putin, because they could wind up getting a giant, wooden sculpture of a penis chained to the top of their car. That's exactly what happened to Katya Romanovskaya, who runs the satirical Twitter account @KermlinRussia.

Katya discovered the sculpture when she left her apartment for work on Monday. She then posted what I imagine was the first ever dick pic to her Facebook page and wrote "Finally the day has come when my work has been noticed and appreciated."  

Romanovskaya, along with her co-author, were recently featured in a New Republic article which was critical of Putin's Russia. And if that gets you a 200-pound dildo on your car, who knows what they can expect now that her picture has gone viral.

While it's definitely an unnerving response to a bunch of tweets, considering that critics of the Kremlin in the former Soviet Union were routinely sentenced to forced labor camps, a phallic hood ornament could be viewed as progress.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: The New Republic