Please just give it to us! We've been waiting so, so long!

Look, I know! I know! We've had our emotions screwed with in the past, but I honestly think this is the real deal this time. I suppose it's always possible that next week we're gonna see Jimmy Kimmel and the three-boobed lady hovering down the street on TV, and we'll all be like, "Damn it! We were fooled again!!!" But I really don't think that's gonna be the case this time. I think we might be getting actual hoverboards this time, guys!

The "Hendo Hoverboards" Kickstarter page seems pretty legit, as far as these things go. The alleged hoverboard-inventing company has already raised about $80K of its $250 goal in just a few days. And, unlike previous "hoverboards," this one apparently has to be over a metal surface, which seems less cool than how it worked in Back to the Future II, but also makes a lot more sense, because magnets and stuff. 

Maybe I'm just buying into this because I want so badly for it to be true. Check out the pitch video, and see if I'm fooling myself:


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

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