This car is getting "vandalize-ed." (via)

The scene opens with the action already in progress. The wife (ex-wife?) is smacking the red convertible with a hammer. The husband (ex?) is desperately trying to get her to stop. 

Just kidding, he's calmly narrating the whole event while he films it with his camera. The video was uploaded to YouTube by Ray Leaker, and then kindly added to reddit by user gm01.

Clearly, he's more into proving that the woman is crazy than he is about preserving their property. He can't even use this video as evidence to take her to court because, according to the only thing the woman says in the video, "it isn't vandalism if it's your property." And her name is on the lease. 

It is unclear what started the argument but redditor Masterdmr rightly suggests it is because "he insisted on holding his iPhone vertically while recording videos."

Watch! As she slowly and listlessly pats the hammer against the car's paint job.

Listen! As she drags the back of the hammer against the cars interior.

Groan! As the narrator tries to drag innocent people in a truck into his strange domestic dispute.

Sources: Reddit