Throw it in the garbage.

Fall asleep first at a slumber party and pics like this turn up. (via Wikipedia)

There are plenty of selfie fails circulating around the Internet, what with the kids and the iPhones. Must have been so much more of a bummer to sit for hours getting your portrait painted only to discover you should have checked what was going on in the background. Classic painting fails.


Lady, someone's going through your sh*t! (via Wikipedia)


Playing capture the flag through our group portrait, dude? Uncool. (via Wikipedia)


Behind you. No, behind you. (via Wikipedia)


Photobomb! Guy on the left is like, "PEACE." (via Wikipedia)


"Psst, can I bum a cigarette? Oh, whoops. You getting painted, bro? My bad." (via Wikipedia)


Well, this one looks great–oh, wait. Zoom in. (via Wikipedia)

Damn, the painter caught himself in the mirror. And photoshop won't be invented for almost 600 years. (via Wikipedia)



Wild night. Surrounded by trippy monsters, holding a random baby and no one said, "Hey, your tit's out." (via Wikipedia)