If you have products simply not available on Amazon, won't they just, you know, come back?


And just like that, ladies and gentlemen, the age of being able to walk into a store to look without buying, kill time, or soak up air conditioning has come to a close. What evil empire begat this horrifying new trend that will spread as surely as airline baggage fees? It's Brisbane, Australia's gluten-free emporium "Celiac Supplies." Yes, "Celiac Supplies," as in, "Celiac Supplies, that store down the way that seems like it would be the friendliest store in the world but in fact charges you $5 to breathe their air." The reason the store owner gave is that too many people are coming in, asking questions, and buying the products for cheaper online. Which is definitely much worse than people not coming in at all because you run that store that charges money to look.

Sources: The Verge