Meet Pixel, the world's shortest cat. 

Pixel is here on this planet thanks to the attention of Tiffani Kjeldergaard, a cannabis activist who has been breeding record-breakingly short "mini-mews" on the world's first and only "420 friendly horse ranch." 

Sure, some people say that the mutation that causes these cats' legs to be short is a defect and a hindrance to the animal and should not be celebrated. And, sure, even Kjeldergaard herself admits "everybody [the cats] has been kicked or stepped on at least once." But that's a small price to pay if you wanna watch a feline freak show while you're super blazed on Sour D (allegedly).

See for yourself in BarcroftTV's mini-documentary about the mini-cats. Now would be a good time to activate the cannabis. 

It's almost hard to tell whats cuter, little Pixel, or the British guy's pronunciation of "little Pixel." 

What's weirder anyway, a mutant cat, or drinking something out of a cow? 


(by Myka Fox)

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