Man, this guy really does not want to kiss his sister.

Is everyone else made as uncomfortable by the kiss cam as I am? Even if I'm sitting next to my husband, there's still a little anxiety that we'll be forced to kiss in front of an entire stadium. And then what if the kiss is too short or too long or we miss each other's faces, slip over the railing, and fall to our deaths? Talk about embarrassing!

This man came prepared for the kiss cam when he attended a Minnesota Gophers game with his sister last week. The game took place on Valentine's Day, so maybe the guy knew he and his sis might be mistaken for sweethearts.

It's pretty brilliant, actually. I'm going to make one for myself that says "I choose to opt out of this strange game. Thank you for understanding."

(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: Minnesota Gophers