It's like if Fight Club happened in SoHo. (via YouTube)

Maybe it is because this is a parody and not just an advertisement for hot people's clothes, but watching this collection of people slapping each other is significantly more satisfying than any number of strangers kissing. These aren't actors pretending to enjoy a forced make-out, these are actors actually enjoying slapping the crap out of each other. The awkwardness present in the beginning of the kissing video is present in the beginning of this one, except here the slaps cut through the tension like booze at Thanksgiving dinner.

OMG I can't believe I like being violent! I'm so embarrassed! 

This video is the work of Max Landis... you know, this guy. So, for anyone who knows him and hates him, I present:

Ahhhh. So satisfying. Like Thanksgiving dinner. 

UPDATE: If you weren't sure if you recognized the dude with the beard who introduced himself as Haley, you did. He's Haley Joel Osment.

(by Myka Fox)

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