I'm listening to this wall's secrets, which I shall reveal to the whole world!

We all have something in our past that the government could use against us if we suddenly became an Enemy of the State. This is a major reason most people don't try to expose wrongdoing in the system, like Edward Snowden did. For most of us, it's stuff that wouldn't even bar you from holding public office, like driving drunk for several decades, settling dozens of sexual harassment suits, or leaving a woman to die in a sinking car. Snowden, however, actually had something to hide: a really, really lame modeling portfolio. He originally posted them on a forum on Ars Technica in 2001, which Little Green Footballs unearthed with the Wayback Machine. We have to wonder, even if we are all delivered from oppression, is freedom really worth having to see these?

Oh, hey. Just leaning my back against the wall and holding my elbow out into space.

There's a hidden message encrypted within this photo: I have no friends.

Crap. Where did I put that floppy disk with Jennifer Lawrence's metadata?


We can understand why if the NSA had these, they assumed he would always cooperate.

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