"I made you a playlist!"

Spotify offers 20 million songs on its streaming service. That is a lot of music to sift through. You might not be sure where to start. To help, here are some soundtracks for your life that are as unique as you are. They might not all fit what you're going through now, but trust me, you will need them someday soon:

You're out there on the open road. No kids. No wife nagging at you. Just you. And that big open space...My God. What have you done?

You're just some girls gabbing about your lives, no biggie. It's such a sweet time until you're two bottles deep and need to blast that last track.

You think your taste is superior, but it's actually the same as everyone else's. 

You do you. You're better without him/her.

We all have to go sometime. Why not prepare in advance with this list?

You can't wait to get it started in here! Oh...right.

This playlist crams as much as it can into one song just like you try to cram as much food as you can into that weird body of yours.

Why the fuck do I live in this city??? OK. Calm down. Deep breaths.

MOM! THIS IS WHAT I LIKE!! GOD. Hey, how did that get in there? I don't listen to that kind of stuff...Haha. Seriously. How do I make this Spotify thing private?

Laugh until you cry, cry until you laugh. Either way, you should see a doctor. I think you're manic.

There's exactly one instance you'd need this: a dinner party with extremely boring people who pretend they know anything about Jazz.


Stop it. Just. Please.


(by Dan Wilbur. Designed by Cole Mitchell.)