5. Donald Trump, because Edward Snowden is clowning on him.

Not an easy guy to mock.

If there's one thing Donald Trump hates, it's being made to look ridiculous. Or maybe foreigners. But he definitely doesn't like being made to look ridiculous. So it must have hurt his mighty feelings to see this tweet from noted traitor/freedom fighter Edward Snowden, making fun of him for refusing to debate Bernie Sanders:

Ouch. Nothing stings quite like being zinged by an enemy of the state currently exiled in Russia. What's worse, Snowden is right—by agreeing to the debate with Sanders and then backing down, Trump revealed that he's afraid of what would happen if the two actually faced off.

But is it the billionaire's greatest fear? No, of course not. His greatest fear is moths eating all his wigs.

4. Ariana Grande, because doctors just won't let her sing.

Save your strength, girl.