5. Hillary Clinton, because she had to have a lie-down.

Who wouldn't become ill running a campaign against Donald Trump?
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The media is abuzz with news that Hillary Clinton was forced to leave the 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York early on Sunday due to medical reasons. Initially, her campaign claimed that the former secretary of state was "overheated," but subsequently revealed that she was under treatment for pneumonia, and had been since Friday.

In recent weeks, rival candidate Donald Trump, his surrogates, and his army of trolls have accused Clinton of being too unhealthy to serve as president, based on zero evidence. But now that they have a tiny shred, along with the damning fact that she tried to hide it, the Alt Right is letting their conspiracy theories run wild. As of Monday morning, #HillarysBodyDouble was the second-most popular hashtag on Twitter.

One thing is still unclear: Is Clinton's double ALSO a shapeshifting lizard? It's really hard to keep these theories straight these days.