1. Selena Gomez Lives Out Every 21-Year-Old's Dream Of Firing Their Parents


Actress and singer Selena Gomez has reportedly fired her parents Mandy and Brian Teefey, who had served as her co-managers since she first found success with Disney as a child. She is apparently currently looking for more suitable representation to guide her through the coming naked Instagram phase of her career.

2. Beyoncé Under Fire For Photoshopping Away Evidence Of Her Human Mortality

R&B singer Beyoncé uploaded several images from a recent vacation to her Instagram account, several of which appear to have been poorly Photoshopped to give the impression that she has both a pronounced gap between her thighs and legs are kind of weird-looking. Many fans are deeply disillusioned that such a big star would fret about body image issues like this and are also adorably naive. 

3. The Lord Almighty Apparently Has Some Serious Credit Issues

A Brooklyn man named God Gazarov has filed a lawsuit against the credit-reporting agency Equifax, because they got him confused with another entity named God, who has no financial history according to their records. This other God guy seems to be some sort of all-powerful deity who can simply create universes out of nothingness and, as such, has little need for money.