1. Stephen Colbert Current Top Choice For Baseless Wishful Speculation Of Potential David Letterman Replacements


According to the Hollywood rumor mill, CBS may be bucking recent trends in late night programming and making a genuinely interesting choice for David Letterman's Late Show seat. Stephen Colbert—the current host of Comedy Central's satirical late night news program The Colbert Report—is supposedly being considered. On the other hand, they could just go with the norm.

2. Majority Of Americans Buy Into Myth That Alcohol Is More Dangerous Than Marijuana Simply Because It's True 

According to a new Pew study, a large majority of Americans now believe that alcohol is more harmful than marijuana, in terms of both personal and societal health. This may have something to do with it being demonstrably true. Though that's never been much of a factor for Americans in the past.

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3. It Appears As Though Adolf Hitler Ended Up Settling Down With A Nice Jewish Girl — His Bubby Would Have Been So Proud

According to a new BBC documentary, Adolf Hitler may have inadvertently married a Jewish woman. Dead Famous DNA claims that strands of hair taken from Eva Braun's brush show that she was partially genetically Ashkenazi Jewish on her mother's side.