1. Looks Like Al Roker Is No Longer The Only One Accidentally Shitting In The White House, Obama Brings Home New Puppy 


President Obama decided to respond to steep drops in his approval rating and national malaise over the stagnating economy head on yesterday, when he introduced Sunny, an absolutely adorable fluffy little Portuguese water dog, as the newest member of the Obama household. Wait, what were we talking about before? Oh, right, Sunny is soooo cute!

someecards.com - I challenge you to find a more loyal pet on which to blame your farts.

2. For Those In The Market For A Slightly More Pro-American Alternative To MSNBC, 'Al Jazeera America' Launches Today 

Al Jazeera America, the U.S. cable news arm of the Qatar-based media network, will begin airing today in in nearly 50 million homes across the nation. The news outlet's chief executive Ehab al-Shihabi says AJAM will feature objective journalism with "less opinion, less yelling and fewer celebrity sightings." So, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News need not consider this any competition at all.

3. Boston Bomber Injury Details Show He Took A Bullet, But Sadly Not Multiple Bullets, To The Face