1. Unless You Happen To Be A Black Person, Your White Friend Probably Doesn't Have Any Black Friends

According to the findings of a new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute, three-fourths of all white people have zero black friends. And, while an average white person with 100 friends in total typically has just one black friend, a black person with 100 friends has eight white friends.

2. Jon Stewart Finally Tells Us How We're Supposed To Feel About Ferguson

Newly back from a summer hiatus, Jon Stewart laid into Fox News for the way that they've been covering the Ferguson situation on last night's episode of The Daily Show. "Why all the interest in holding police officers to a higher standard than gangs?" Stewart asked in response to Fox correspondents wondering why the media wasn't covering black-on-black violence as stringently. "They both flash colors and, yes, one of them has been sworn to protect and defend, but still."