1. Judge Denies Colorado Bakers' Right To Be Homophobic Bigots


A Denver-area bakery that refused to sell a wedding cake to a marrying gay couple in July of last year because same-sex marriage conflicted with the bakers' religious views has been order by a judge to fulfill the couple's request regardless of the business's arbitrarily-chosen moral qualms.

2. Victoria's Secret Consciously Exploits Men's Inability To Be Surrounded By A Bunch Of Bras Without Turning Idiotic

A former employee of Victoria's Secret came clean about the store's supposed policy of targeting men who appear to feel uncomfortable around so much mesmerizing  ladies' underwear and pressuring them into buying expensive items. "The general feeling about men is that they would buy anything in order to get out of the store a quickly as possible," the former employee explained.

3. 'Benny Hill' Sketch Spontaneously Erupts In Kohl's — Topless Woman Chases Peeping Tom Through Department Store