1. Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Smoking Pot, Being Naked And Hating Children Just Like Every Parent Was Hoping She Would


In an interview for W magazine, pop star Miley Cyrus opened up to Ronan Farrow about her great love of getting high, running around with no clothes on and being disdainful of immature image-obsessed children. She stated that she is happy to count herself among other "punk rock" musicians who don't care about that kind of thing, "like Madonna or Blondie or Joan Jett." 

someecards.com - Miley Cyrus is what would happen if a selfie came to life.

2. Bill Nye And Ken Ham To Argue Futilely About The Origin Of Mankind To The Delight Of Millions Today

TV personality Bill Nye "The Science Guy" and Creation Museum founder Ken Ham will debate the validity of the evolutionary theory today in front of an in-person and online audience full of people who will not have their opinion swayed, but will really enjoy being angry at people on the other side of the argument.