1. Thousands Of People Have Asked Google To Forget That They And Their Stupid, Embarrassing Blog Posts Exist

In response to an  EU court ruling that European citizens have a right to not have information about them indexed by Google's massive search engine, the tech giant launched a "right to be forgotten" web form on Friday. In just the first day, 12,000 people chose to take advantage of the new option.

2. Video Of Justin Bieber Telling A Racist Joke Has Surfaced Just Like We All Assumed It Would Eventually

TMZ has managed to gets its hands on video of Justin Bieber telling a really crappy, unfunny, racist joke. Although we were unaware of the existence of this footage—which was taken for his 2011 documentary Never Say Never—we all kind of knew that something like this probably existed, right?

3. 'Gangnam Style' Now Has About 2 Billion More YouTube Views Than Your Shitty Ukulele Cover Of It

South Korean rapper Psy's smash Internet pop song hit "Gangnam Style"—which you're totally going to listen to right now, even though you've already heard it a thousand times—has recently become the first YouTube video to receive 2 billion views on YouTube.

4. Turns Out Jesus Didn't Speak American

After Pope Francis and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a disagreement over whether Jesus spoke Hebrew or Aramaic, the Washington Post pointed out that there is a "scholarly consensus" that Jesus's primary language would have been Aramaic, but he would have ministered in Hebrew. Which is kind of odd if you think about it, since the Bible is written in English.

5. Science Explains Why Bacon Smells Like The Jennifer Lawrence Of Food 

A chemistry blog has done the world the service of explaining why bacon smells so amazingly good. The amazing aroma apparently comes from about the 150 chemical compounds that are created when the wunderfood is cooked.

(by Dennis DiClaudio)